Travelling with diabetes: challenges and tips

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Travelling with diabetes: challenges and tips

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Are you suffering from diabetes? Can you still travel on family vacations or cruises? To ensure a pleasant and safe vacation, you only need to put in a little more effort to be prepared for any emergency.

A sudden increase in activity can cause blood sugar to go out of control. Before you go on vacation, make sure to consult your doctor and your medical support team about changing insulin doses or prescribing more insulin.

These tips will help you have a relaxing vacation.

You should not pack too many supplies and keep them in multiple bags.
If you're flying, keep the extra supplies in your purse or carry-on bag.
Keep your medical alert bracelet on you and other important information close by.
Tell your family and friends about the route you're taking.
To avoid waiting in long lines, reserve your table in busy restaurants well in advance.
Get nutritional information if possible about the food being served at restaurants.
Always keep a snack bar, water, and fruit with you. It is useful in emergency situations.
All your diabetic supplies should be kept together in one bag so you are able to reach them quickly when needed.
When away from home, check your blood sugar levels at least six times per day.
Prepare for a change in blood sugar levels. This is inevitable due to excitement, heat and changes in your daily routine.
Also, be ready for heat-related dehydration.
If you are active, or visit a pool or beach, drink at least 64 ounces of water each day.
To prevent any damage to your insulin or other diabetic supplies, make sure you have a waterproof bag with you when visiting water parks and theme parks. You should also ensure that the supplies are not exposed to direct sunlight or frozen.
Ice packs can be used to maintain insulin levels.
Make sure to keep extra test strips and meters on hand.

Insulin pump benefits
The insulin pump is one the most important breakthroughs in diabetes research. You can go on vacations or cruises with no need to administer insulin injections. For diabetic children, the insulin pump is preferred. These insulin pumps will only get better with the development of new technology. Learn more about ice box for medicine. Visit here:

Relax and pack your diabetes supplies. Inform your family and friends about the trip and let them know if there are any changes. Have a wonderful holiday!

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My apologies for missing your question. If the blood sugar has been very high for a while, dogs can get diabetic neuropathy in their back legs. It is usually temporary and will dissipate when blood sugar levels are better.

How are things now? Better blood sugar?